The Nightingale and the Nobleman

 The Nightingale and the Nobleman Std.6th

Practice Question Paper

4.1 The Nightingale and the Nobleman

A nobleman in a faraway land once caught a nightingale and put him in a cage. 
No bird likes to be shut up in a cage. The nightingale began to plead :
“Please set me free. If you let me go, I will tell you the secret of happiness”.
The nobleman was rich but not happy. He wanted to know the secret of happiness. So he let the bird go.
“Listen,” said the nightingale, “This is the secret of happiness : Never cry over spilt milk. And never trust idle words”.
The nobleman didn’t think much of the secret. “This is just a silly piece of advice !” He exclaimed.
The nightingale flew a little higher and said, “Too bad you let me go. I have rare diamonds under my wings. Now you won’t get any of them !”
Now the nobleman was really very angry and very unhappy. “Oh, no ! How stupid of me ! You wicked bird, you nasty bird ! Wait till I catch you again.” he 
began to wail.
“Don’t be so upset, My Lord,’’ said the nightingale. “It was kind of you to let me go. That’s why I gave you a good piece of advice. Think over it. The first 
thing I said was ‘Don’t cry over spilt milk’. I am already far away from you. You can’t catch me again. Then why make yourself unhappy about it ? Secondly, how can an ordinary bird like me have diamonds under his wings ? Those were 
just idle words of mine. It’s a mistake to trust such words ! Use my bits of advice 
and be happy. Farewell’’.
The nobleman watched as the bird flew away.


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