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 An Encounter of a special kind ( Class 10th) Online test 

An Encounter of a special kind

Read the passage and answer the following question

      By this time,  my parents and sisters had come out on to the veranda and were witnessing  my rescue operation.  Some  of  our  neighbours  had  also  gathered in the distance. I took the baby langur to our backyard and gently laid him on the floor inside the poultry  coop. His body was full of deep bite marks and scratches. Blood was  oozing  from some of the wounds. The baby  remained  motionless. My father  provided  first aid  to  clean  the  wounds and stop the  bleeding.  I was relieved  to find out that the baby was  breathing, even though his breaths were shallow. Splashes of cold  water made  the  baby  stir  and after a few shaky attempts,  he sat up. He was in state  of shock and started  trembling  like  a leaf  in the  wind. His two little  twinkling  eyes  welled up with  tears  and he  started  to  sob with  a  muffled  cry - just  like  a human  child  would after  experiencing trauma. I offered  him a peeled  banana which  he accepted  with his unsteady hand and began taking hesitant  bites. My attention  was fixed  on the  revival  of the baby langur.  Suddenly, I had an  uncanny  feeling  of being watched. I turned away from the coop and looked  up. There  sat the mother  langur on our kitchen roof, watching every move I made. She simply sat there  quietly, as if  convinced  that  no harm  was being done to her child. Meanwhile, the baby sensed the presence of his mother  and started  to sob and cry a little  louder.  I retreated  from the door of the coop to allow the mother  access to her baby. Immediately,  the mother  descended  on the floor of the  coop and picked  up the  baby in  her arms. She gave  the  baby  a thorough  body inspection  to check  his injuries  and then  cuddled  him  tightly  in her bosom. The baby found great  solace  in her caring  arms. The  mother  sat still  with  the  baby in her lap  for  a  few  minutes.  It  was almost  as if  she  was pondering  over her options and trying to figure out how she could keep the baby safe from further assault. For a few seconds, the mother langur looked straight into my eyes. Even today, I cannot forget that look in her eyes, showering silent  gratitude  on me for saving her child.  I was overwhelmed  by the emotion, the sentiment and the way she said thanks to me. There sat a  universal  mother  holding a  stricken  child  in her lap. Then, in a flash, she jumped with her baby clinging to her belly  and reached  our kitchen  roof. She surveyed the area for the  vicious  male langur and then leapt away in  the  direction  opposite  to the  place  of the violent  encounter. The brief  meeting  with the  mother  and the baby langur convinced me that interspecies  communication and mutual trust is indeed a reality and should anyone strike the right chord, the relationship  hums into action. The mother langur showed me that food was not the only means of communication  between  man and animal but that  there  were other  means of establishing a bond through trust,  compassion  and mutual  understanding. Fifty-five  years have  passed since  that  day. I  am now seventy  years old.  But  I still  fondly  remember  that ‘encounter  of a special  kind’.


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