Class 10 : The Boy Who Broke The Bank। Learning With Smartness

 Class 10 : The Boy Who Broke The Bank। Learning With Smartness

Read the passage and answer the following question.
Nathu  grumbled  to  himself  as he  swept the  steps of the Pipalnagar Bank, owned by Seth Govind Ram. He used the small broom hurriedly and carelessly, and the dust, after rising in a cloud above his head settled  down again on the steps. As Nathu was banging his pan against a dustbin, Sitaram, the washerman’s son, passed by. Sitaram was  on his delivery round. He had a bundle  of freshly pressed clothes  balanced  on his head. ‘Don’t  raise  such  dust!’  he  called  out  to  Nathu. ‘Are you annoyed because they  are still  refusing to pay you an extra two rupees a month?’ ‘I don’t wish to talk  about  it,’  complained  the sweeper-boy. ‘I haven’t even received  my regular pay. And this is the twentieth  of the month. Who would think a bank would hold up a poor man’s salary?  As soon as I get  my money,  I’m  off! Not another week I work  in this place.’ And  Nathu banged the pan against the dustbin several times,  just to  emphasize  his point and giving himself confidence. ‘Well,  I wish you luck,’  said Sitaram.  ‘I’ll  keep a lookout  for any  jobs  that  might  suit  you.’ And he plodded  barefoot  along the  road, the  big bundle  of clothes  hiding most of his head and shoulders. At the fourth home he visited,  Sitaram heard the lady  of the  house mention  that  she was in  need  of a sweeper.  Tying  his bundle  together,  he  said;  ‘I know of a sweeper boy who’s looking  for work. He can start from next month.  He’s with the bank just now but they aren’t giving him his pay, and he wants to leave.’ ‘Is that so?’ said Mrs. Srivastava. ‘Well,  tell  him to come and see me tomorrow.’ And Sitaram, glad that he had been of service to  both a customer  and  his friend,  hoisted  his bag on his shoulders and went his way.

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