Punctuation Marks in English Grammar

 Punctuation marks in English Grammar 

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Punctuation marks

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Punctuation marks

Full stop (.) - used at the end of a sentence to show a full stop.

Question mark (?) - used at the end of a sentence to indicate a direct question.

Exclamation mark (!) - used to indicate a strong feeling or emotion, such as surprise, excitement, or anger.

Comma (,) - used to separate items in a list, to separate clauses in a sentence, or to indicate a pause in a sentence.

Semicolon (;) - used to separate two related independent clauses in a sentence.

Colon (:) - used to introduce a list, an explanation, or a quotation.

Quotation marks (" ") - used to indicate direct speech, or to enclose a title or a quotation.

Apostrophe (') - used to indicate possession or contraction.

Hyphen (-) - used to join two or more words to make a compound word, or to divide a word at the end of a line.

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